Being as the XGS site has been gone for more than a year now, we decided to create a mirror of the original site.  You will find as much of the original text and programs here on this site as we could possibly include, minus any derogatory language from the original.  We also have updated all of the links on the site, added many items that were not included in the original version of the website.

While XGS is not the leading GS emulator, it is part of the history of emulation and as such, we have resurrected the project items only to insure that there are no broken links on some of our websites.

You may find some items may differ slightly but this is due to an item not being available or due to it being claimed by its owner.    Also, we make no claim to copyright over any of the XGS related materials in this website.

(RC) Recovered 2008 from original website at www.inwards.com/xgs/ -- Updated 2009